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Frequently asked questions

  • Are you open during COVID-19 restrictions?
    Yes! We are open and serving Albertans, at the high standard we have for almost 10 years. However, please note the following during the pandemic response: We are open during our regular hours (Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 5:00PM), but are taking limited evening and weekend bookings. Contact us! We are strictly following Alberta Health Services’ guidelines for disinfection. Our staff wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for every service type. We are following all physical distancing measures. We’ve increased sanitization of high touch surfaces.
  • Should I do anything differently to prepare for my service during COVID-19?
    We have temporarily relaxed our policy that requires our clients to be outside of the home for the service. In order to complete your service you must: Notify us if you or any member of your household has contracted COVID-19 in the last 14 days. Notify us if you or any member of your household has traveled outside of Alberta since March 13, 2020. If you have a regular service booked, you must move to another area of the home, away from the service technicians for the duration of your service (ex: be upstairs while the techs are on the main level). If there is not enough room in your home to follow physical distancing measures, you must not be present during the service. If you cannot make these arrangements, we will reschedule your service and honor your original booking price!
  • Are you bonded and insured?
    Yes! We have full liability and bonding insurance. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • Is my information secure with Frame to Finish Cleaning?
    Yes! We do not share your information with anyone without your consent (no exceptions). We are fully bonded and insured and our staff complete background checks as an additional security measure.
  • Can I be home while the cleaning crew is working?
    In order to work safely, efficiently, and within the scheduled time, we need uninterrupted access. You cannot be home for the duration of your service. We understand how hard it can be to trust new people in your home! We are professionals and we will respect your home and personal items while we work.
  • Which cleaning products will you be using in my home?
    We use eco-friendly products that do not harm the environment or cause damage to the surfaces in your home. If you have your own preferences for products, please have them in your home and let us know.
  • Will I need to provide any cleaning products or tools?
    For the most part, no. We will provide nearly everything required for the clean except for toilet brushes. For sanitary reasons, we ask you to provide a toilet brush on each level of your home. You may also be asked to provide alternate cleaning products or tools, if you have requested alternate items to be used in your home.
  • How will you access my home?
    There are a few ways you can give us secure access to your home: A door code A spare key An outdoor lockbox with a key inside If you are uncomfortable with any of these options, just let us know!
  • Will you move items or furniture?
    For safety reasons, we won’t move anything more than 25 lbs.
  • Do you clean homes with pets?
    Yes! We take pride in being one of the few cleaning services that does so. That said, we do need to consider safety. If your pet is unpredictable with new people, we ask that you place them in a secure location, away from the areas you need cleaned. We do not clean areas that may contain biohazardous material (e.g. feces, vomit, or blood; this includes litter boxes, dog kennels, and puppy pads).
  • Do you clean on holidays?
    Unless requested in advance, Frame to Finish Cleaning is closed on all general holidays in Alberta. We reserve the right to increase our fees by 15% for services on general holidays. If your recurring service falls on a holiday, we will strive to reschedule your visit for the same or following week.
  • Do I need to sign a contract?
    No! All bookings, verbal or written, are bound to our policies. Please check our website often as any changes will be posted there. When there is a conflict of understanding, the website will be considered the most current version.
  • When is payment due?
    Unless other arrangements have been made at the time of booking, payment is due 14 days after invoicing (no exceptions).
  • How can I pay?
    We accept cash, etransfers to our email, and cheques made payable to Frame to Finish Cleaning Ltd. If leaving cash or cheque, you may leave payment in an envelope on your kitchen counter, clearly marked "Frame to Finish Cleaning Ltd."
  • Can I be charged more than my quote?
    We strive to provide the most accurate quote possible, but there may be times we re-evalute for unconsidered, additional business-related expenses (like travel or other costs). In these instances, we reserve the right to increase our fee. You will be notified of any rate changes 7 days in advance of your scheduled clean.
  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule my clean?
    Vacations, time conflicts, sick kids—we totally get it; sometimes you need to cancel or reschedule your clean. We require at least 48 hours notice. Without proper notice, you will be charged a fee equivalent to half of the booking cost. In the event that we need to cancel or reschedule your clean, we will provide you 48 hours notice. If we’re unable to provide the proper notice, we will discount your next clean.
  • What if I am sick before a scheduled clean?
    If you discover that you are sick—especially with something contagious—please let us know as soon as you can. Stopping the spread of illnesses is very important to us (for your safety and that of our other clients). We will be happy to reschedule your clean.
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